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Buy OxyContin 120mg (Oxycodone)


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Buy OxyContin 120mg

This medicine is used to treat severe pain in opioid treatment, basically used to treat severe pain while treating patients in opioid treatment. in cancer. Daily used around the clock 12 hours cycle as recommended by the doctor.

Precautions: After doctor consultation only this medicine to be used. Avoid using this medicine if you are an asthma patient, or having a breathing problem and if you have a blockage in your stomach or intestine. Never overdose this medicine, I case of overdose consult the doctor.

Usage: Always take this medicine as per doctor directions, never overdose it, never take it with alcohol, take the recommended dose always on time.


After taking this medicine if you have anxiety, trouble in breathing, slow heart rate, light-headed feeling, confusion, unusual thought or behavior, vomiting, dizziness is some of the common side effects.

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