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Product Description: 

A prevalent upgrade apparatus including an exceptionally molded trigger handle and delicate, temperature-open silicone doughnut sleeve, the MR Max Results gives huge loads of additional firm outcomes in addition to heaps of extreme delight.

Completely encasing the penis, the MR’s inside length is roughly 9 inches (23cm) at default-helpful graduated estimations are carved up the side for exact checking. When the penis is set through the silicone-orbited mouth, essentially press the handle-the smooth, stunning shape needs only two fingers to work. A fast delivery button set inside simple reach over the chamber breaks up inside pressure quickly.

In skin-safe ABS plastic, sans phthalate PVC, and satiny silicone, the MR and its parts are effectively cleaned and kept up with utilizing basic foamy water or a decent toy care liquid/froth. Viable with water-based ointments.


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